IAACN Scientific Symposiums

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2022 31st Annual Symposium
"Addressing Biochemical & Physiological Disruption 
from Viral Inoculations w/ Clinical Nutrition"  
2022 Agenda

2021 30th Annual Symposium
"The Synergy of 5G, EMFs, Environmental Assaults & the Impact on Human Health,
Prevention, Diagnosis and Clinical Nutrition Interventions" 
2021 Agenda 

2020 29th Annual Symposium
"Sex, Lies and Hormones: Applied Endocrinology" 
2020 Agenda

2019 28th Annual Symposium
"Immunization, Inoculation or Vaccination; Navigating 
the Consequences with Clinical Nutrition" 
2019 Agenda

2018 27th Annual Symposium
"Infectious Disease The Influence of Clinical Nutrition on Outcome" 
2018 Agenda

2017 26th Annual Symposium
"Solving the Disease Crisis Caused by our Toxic Environment: The Role Everyday 
Toxins Play in Autism Obesity Reproduction and More"
2017 Agenda

2016 25th Annual Symposium
"Renovation of the Structural Integrity of the Human Body through 
Biomolecular Interventions; Beyond the Collagen Connections”
2016 Agenda

2015 24th Annual Symposium
"Preventive Biochemical Interventions & Novel Therapeutic 
Overtures in those with Cancer"
2015 Agenda

2014 23rd Annual Symposium
"The Energy Symposium: Restoring Daily Energy Production for Healthy Epigenomics"
2014 Agenda

2013 22nd Annual Symposium
"Epigenomics and Orthomolecular Nutrition: Keys to Sculpting Optimal Health"
2013 Agenda

2012 21st Annual Symposium
"Diabetes & Obesity-Innovations, Myths and Missed Opportunities"
2012 Agenda

2011 20th Annual Symposium
"Reclaiming Vibrant Health, Molecular Perspectives for Living Younger Longer"
2011 Agenda

2010 19th Annual Symposium
"Masquerading Illness, Common Clinical Dilemma's & Misdiagnoses"
2010 Agenda

2009 18th Annual Symposium
"The Effect of Gastrointestinal Integrity on body Health & Well Being"
2009 Agenda

2008 17th Annual Symposium
"The Role of Clinical Nutrition in Pre & Post Traumatic Care"
2008 Agenda

2007 16th Annual Symposium
"Incorporating Clinical Nutrition in the Medical Therapy of Chronic Disease Syndromes"
2007 Agenda

2006 15th Annual Symposium
"Exocrine Disease Physiology: Support in Chronic Inflammatory & Autoimmune Conditions"
2006 Agenda

2005 14th Annual Symposium
"Endocrine Physiology of Healthy Glands & Hormones"
2005 Agenda

2004 13th Annual Symposium
"Nutritional Advancements in Pediatric & Adolescent Care"
2004 Agenda

2003 12th Annual Symposium
"Nutrition & Cancer: Prevention, Assessment & Support"
2003 Agenda

2002 11th Annual Symposium
"Multiple Components of Major Weight Management: A Challenge for the 21st Century"
2002 Agenda

2001 10th Annual Symposium
"A Clinical Nutrition Approach to Chronic Degenerative Illness"
2001 Agenda

2000 9th Annual Symposium
"Unmasking & Treating Chronic Infection To Manage Chronic Disease"

1999 8th Annual Symposium
"Degeneration & Regeneration in our Toxic Environment"

1998 7th Annual Symposium
"Correcting Metabolic Dysfunction"

1997 6th Annual Symposium
"Clinical Nutrition & Clinical Neurology"

1996 5th Annual Symposium
"Microbial Health"

1995 4th Annual Symposium
"Hormonal Health"

1994 3rd Annual Symposium
"Women's & Children's Health Update"

1993 2nd Annual Symposium
"Geriatrics & Clinical Nutrition"

1992 1st Annual Symposium
"Immunology & Clinical Nutrition"