One of the primary tasks of the IAACN is the assurance of competency and skills of its professional members. This function is addressed through uniform and rigorous standards, as well as through mandatory continuing education programs. Oversight is by the IAACN Continuing Education Standing Committee. Examination training, examination, and certification are the responsibilities of the CNCB, which is composed of experts in the field of clinical nutrition and preventive medicine. CNCB strives to maintain the standards set by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) in Washington, D.C.


Through the establishment of a uniform Code of Ethics, members must exemplify and maintain a high level of personal and professional ethics. The code requires members to maintain honesty, integrity, and fairness in dealing with clients, fellow professionals, and the general public. It further encourages community service and social responsibility to the profession.


The IAACN seeks to protect and uphold the public freedom of health care choice and the rights to choose nutritional alternatives. The field of nutrition economically impacts substantial industries, many of which have lobbied for restrictive legislation denying public access to clinical nutritionists. IAACN monitors these activities and informs members how to effectively counteract such legislative efforts through coordinated action.

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